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Medication Assistance: Policies and Procedures for Assisted Living
A Med Tech Training Course

Medication Services is consistently ranked by RCS as one of the Top 3 citations for Assisted Living Communities. Providing comprehensive training to Medication Technicians is challenging and time consuming.

Walker Consulting and Resources LLC offers a 2-Day, 11 CE DSHS approved class for your team.

Course Highlights:

  • Review of Company and Contract Pharmacy Policies and WACs

  • Define the Med Tech’s role

  • Medication Education (side effects, types)

  • Medication Procedures (oral, inhaled, insulin, etc.)

  • Documentation Requirements

  • Controlled Substances

  • Storage and Destruction

  • Written and Skill Exam

  • Printed Student Handbook and Reference Materials

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Additional Details: This course needs to be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance to allow for time to review policies and procedures, community forms, answer questions, etc. This course is conducted in-person. I am fully vaccinated and boostered. I also follow all testing and PPE requirements set forth by your company. 

The cost for this 2-day training is $1,200 plus materials. There my be additional fees for travel if your community is more than 40 miles from Edmonds, WA. 

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